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5 Tasks to Boost Home Value

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blue hydrangea garden

We know how the start of Spring season goes here in the Midwest, don’t we?

It seems like we get a little Winter relief with a few weeks of blissful sunshine and warm days, followed by a “Second Winter” and a bout of cool, rainy days before heading straight into Summer. Right now, we’re in limbo with the temperatures, but now’s a great time to knock out your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist!

Grab your gardening gloves

  • Sprucing up your garden can take your curb appeal from 0 to 100 real quick!
  • Pansies, hydrangeas, and daylilies all make great options for outdoor foliage.

Signed, sealed, delivered – the deck is yours

  • Another way to boost the aesthetic of your home is too keep your deck in tip-top shape.
  • Check for signs of water stains, discoloration, and warping. Take care of any rusty or loose nails and replace rotting or lifting boards ASAP. Once you’re sure the railings and stairs are safely secured, begin the process of resealing the wood.

Seal it up

  • Speaking of resealing, now’s the time to inspect doors and windows for any cracks or holes that need repaired. This will help keep pesky bugs out and your cool air in!

Work your way up

  • Check your roof for any damaged or missing shingles. If you’re not afraid of heights, head on up and look for signs of rusting, cracking or leaking. It’s always wise to call a professional for a closer look!

Keep your cool

  • Keeping the unit clear of debris and changing the filters regularly is all part of ongoing HVAC maintenance, but Spring is the ideal time to schedule a tune-up with a professional!

There’s plenty more you can do to prep your home for the coming seasons! Get more tips by visiting the Home Ownership section of our News & Advice page.